Writing in the Dark

Writing in the Dark Traci Kenworth   I used to write religiously with an outline as I’ve said on here before but lately, I’ve been “writing in the dark” so to speak. Which is to say, I’ve thrown out my outline with my current project and what I’ve begun to do is to take each […]


Reading: How Important is it to Writers? Traci Kenworth   The more you read, the better you become as a writer. You’ve heard this before from other authors, people in the industry, etc. But the question is: how important is it? Very. When we read, we open our minds to knowledge, entertainment, and more. Some […]

When Life Gets in the Way…

When Life Gets in the Way Traci Kenworth   You’re going along strong, every word is falling into place, every scene playing off of each other when *boom* something in life happens. It can be a car accident, the birth of another/or your first child, or as often happens, health problems. What do you do […]

A Craft Book Review

Craft Book Review: The Elements of Style Traci Kenworth   The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White is one book I think every writer has not only heard of but has on their bookshelf somewhere. If you don’t, and you’re serious about your writing, download a copy or pick one up […]

A Life-line

A Life-line Traci Kenworth   Just when you think of packing things up, that everything is stacked against you, and you’ll never succeed in this pursuit of writing, something good happens. It can be as simple as a kind word directed at your blog, requested material, or a renewed determination, despite the odds, to go […]

Don’t Give Up

Don’t Give Up Traci Kenworth   Don’t give up, not even when pigs fly. This writing life we do takes guts, determination, and faith in yourself even when there is no hope in sight. It’s hard to hold on when the rejections keep coming in, the phone call doesn’t happen, your book doesn’t rest in […]