Writerly Things 10/14/19: Keeping Your Head Above When Trouble Happens Traci Kenworth

Writerly Things 10/14/19: Keeping Your Head Above When Trouble Calls Traci Kenworth What do you do when trouble calls? If you’re like me, you moan and groan some, then bow your head. First Things First. No matter what’s up, there’s always a reason and a season for trouble. If you let your bills pile up, […]

Writerly Things 10/7/19: How Busy Goes Around Traci Kenworth

worthWriterly Things 10/7/19: How Busy Goes Around Traci Kenworth Ever feel like there’s not even time in the day? That things won’t slow down no matter how much you do? Welcome to my world, this past week! Putting the Web Up. Yep, we’re up and scrambling to get through this holiday season. I know, I […]

Balancing Home-Life with Writing

Balancing Home-Life with Writing Traci Kenworth   It becomes a challenge (with any career) to balance such with home-life. On one end, you have the kids, piled up laundry, dirty dishes, pets that demand attention, and at the other, there’s your job, that thing you do that supports/fulfills you. Writing is that for me. It’s […]

Genealogies are Stories in Themselves

Genealogies are Stories in Themselves Traci Kenworth   I’ve been researching my family for years. I’ve poured through hundreds of birth and death certificates, tax and census records, and even old addresses. Anything to find a clue, a link to the next stage or to fill the pieces in clearer on the person/s in particular […]

How to Breathe Life into Your Characters

How to Breathe Life into Your Characters Part 1: What is in a Name? Traci Kenworth   How do you go about naming your characters? Do you just close your eyes, dip your finger onto the page, and choose that one? Or do you meticulously search for one? In any case, the one you end […]