Poison Apples Traci Kenworth

Poison Apples Traci Kenworth Adapted from travelcooktell.com This did not turn out like caramel at all. I cooked it longer than suggested to see if that would help thicken it but the most this dip did was turn the apples bright red like one that might tempt Snow White. They did taste really good though! […]

Spider-infested Cookies Traci Kenworth

Spider-infested Chocolate Chip Cookies Traci Kenworth   Adapted from: hungryhappenings.com   These cookies are fun and creative! I used miniature Reese’s for the bodies instead of the chips. I halved the recipe for the gluten-free ones because Jesstyn doesn’t care for cookies much and used gluten-free all-purpose flour from Pillsbury. Ingredients: 12 T. butter 1 […]

Witch’s Broomsticks Traci Kenworth

Recipe Witch’s Broomstick Snacks Traci Kenworth   Adapted from Easy Halloween Snacks A fun and healthier snack for those Halloween parties!   Ingredients: 8 string cheese snacks 24 gluten-free pretzel sticks Fresh chives   Cut each string cheese across in thirds (I made the mistake of cutting all but the last three lengthwise ☹ Now, […]

Writerly Things 10/14/19: Keeping Your Head Above When Trouble Happens Traci Kenworth

Writerly Things 10/14/19: Keeping Your Head Above When Trouble Calls Traci Kenworth What do you do when trouble calls? If you’re like me, you moan and groan some, then bow your head. First Things First. No matter what’s up, there’s always a reason and a season for trouble. If you let your bills pile up, […]


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‘Seek and you will find Ask and the door will open’ The heart knows the way All questions have an answer All destiny a purpose I wonder if anyone is claiming copyright on ancient spiritual texts these days? I have seen ‘copyright’ claimed as the reason why photography is…