Writerly Things 5/17/2020: Writing Short Stories Traci Kenworth

Writerly Things 5/18/2020: Writing Short Stories Traci Kenworth Do you write short stories as well as longer works? It could be good exercises to do the former along with your other writing. Writing muscles develop the longer we practice something. With books, it might take years to finish the product. Short stories can be done […]

Thrillers Bring the Light

Yes, this unsightly wasp with its ugly orange head and relatively large body mass, has arrived on our shores intent on killing innocent little honey bees and, indeed, the occasional human. But just when we think we are in the midst of a Stephen King nightmare, along comes a hero, a savior, a defender of […]

Five Links 5/15/2020 Traci Kenworth

Five Links 5/18/2020 Traci Kenworth Writing: 1. https://nailyournovel.wordpress.com/2020/05/14/from-fragments-we-build-a-book-ep-27-free-podcast-course-for-writers/ 2. https://awriterofhistory.com/2020/05/14/favourite-historical-research-resources-k-m-pohlkamp/ “Her titles give you than hint of noir: Apricots and Wolfsbane, Physicists in Petticoats, Shadows of Hemlock. Last year, K.M. (Kara) posted a very interesting article on her favourite historical research resources and has graciously allowed me to repeat that article here in A Writer of History. My […]

Book Talk 5/15/2020: Jenny Elder Moke’s Hood Traci Kenworth

Book Talk 5/15/2020: Jenny Elder Moke’s Hood Traci Kenworth Hood by Jenny Elder Moke. Disney-Hyperion. June 9, 2020. Netgalley. Amazon’s blurb: You have the blood of kings and rebels within you, love. Let it rise to meet the call. Isabelle of Kirklees has only ever known a quiet life inside the sheltered walls of the […]

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Italian Cookery with Silvia Todesco – Italian tomatoes sauce: the truth about “Marinara”

Originally posted on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine:
Welcome to the Italian Cookery column with Silvia Todesco, and this month one of the classic Italian sauces that always tastes so much better when cooked from scratch instead of out of a jar. Italian tomatoes sauce: the truth about “Marinara” Tomatoes sauce is one of the main popular…