Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Challenge: Bewitched Traci Kenworth

Using the words “enchanted and fly” synonyms only. Bewitched Traci Kenworth Bewitched by his fate the sorcerer falls from grace. His apprentice left to devise a good scheme to rescue all from the flight into an apocalypse of no return and yet, strong is his courage to plummet into the darkness so supreme and bleak […]

Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Challenge Character & Wild Synonyms Only Traci Kenworth

Southern Belle Traci Kenworth The protagonist likened to a southern belle rose above the fields Untamed and reckless indeed wore skinned knees proudly served the poor with humbleness Passed a satisfied if a bit strange life to all What matters through all is the happiness and joy she gave to all who ventured near and […]

Writerly Things 8/26/19: Finding Your Peace Traci Kenworth

Writerly Things 8/26/19: Finding Your Peace Traci Kenworth Are You Anxious? Anxiety can keep us from enjoying life, from getting things done, from even getting out of bed. I know it’s rough. I have anxiety myself. The biggest thing is pushing through the hard times. I’m afraid to drive in the winter. But people are […]

Seven Links 8/17/19 Traci Kenworth

Seven Links…8/17/19 Traci Kenworth My original links for this week were lost by Overdrive. It was my first and last time trying it. Writing: 1. “I’ve been doing a series on licensing for writers, which is subtitled “Rethinking the Writing Business.” Normally, I would put this particular blog as Part 8 of the series, […]