Reading Links…9/15/16

Reading Links…9/15/16 Traci Kenworth   Romance/Women’s Fiction: More than a second chance love book. Lizzie Shane. This hero is about to meet the biggest challenge of his life—his deaf son.   Christian:   Historicals:   Fantasy/Time-Travel/Steampunk/Paranormal/SF: Third installment in the Tales of Shikanoko. The story of a family.   Mysteries/Cozies/Suspense: […]

Writing Links in the 3s and 5…9/13/16

Writing Links in the 3s and 5…9/13/16 Traci Kenworth   Romance/Women’s Fiction: Do you think critique group help or hurt your writing?   Christian: The right reason not to pitch. I like #7 best, I do this almost every morning!!   Historicals: Though his brother fought against the colonists in the […]

Reading Links…9/8/16

Reading Links…9/8/16 Traci Kenworth   Romance/Women’s Fiction: Parent Pact is free!! And other releases. Selections from Joanne Rock, Nicole Helms, Emilie Rose, and Cindy Miles.   Christian: End of times.   Historicals:   Fantasy/Time-Travel/Steampunk/Paranormal/SF: Essential reading. A prequel to The Dark Skies series. 13 Folktales. A prequel to […]

Writing Links in the 3s and 5…9/6/16

Writing Links in the 3s and 5…9/6/16 Traci Kenworth   Romance/Women’s Fiction: The delivery is in the details. What are online reads? The bind is in the subplot.   Christian: What can a few days of slow writing do for you? Are things looking up? Three ways to turn […]

Reading Links…9/1/16

Reading Links…9/1/16 Traci Kenworth   Romance/Women’s Fiction: Post World War II fiction and the Isle of Guerney.   Christian:   Historicals: A young German heiress in a bizarre marriage.   Fantasy/Time-Travel/Steampunk/Paranormal/SF: How to determine where to search for life. Extreme population growth. The world of grimdark fantasy. Steampunk fantasy. […]

Writing Links in the 3s and 5…8/30/16

Writing Links in the 3s and 5…8/30/16 Traci Kenworth   Romance/Women’s Fiction: The truth about that first novel. Off-season vacations are the thing. How to braid a story together.   Christian: Will lightning strike with your title? Dare to live bigger. Is a blog in your future?   Historicals: […]

Reading Links…8/25/16

Reading Links…8/25/16 Traci Kenworth   Romance/Women’s Fiction: A story about bereavement and overcoming it.   Christian:   Historicals: The Easter Rising in Irish history.   Fantasy/Time-Travel/Steampunk/Paranormal/SF: The Invisible Library #2. Lighting fires with your mind. “A fantasy of manners,” or “mannerpunk.” Can a magical stone save the life of […]