Writerly Things 11/18/19: Stress, You, and the Holidays Traci Kenworth

Writerly Things 11/18/19: Stress, You, and the Holidays Traci Kenworth Keeping Things Together. I know I’ve said this before but keeping lists is a big stress-reliever for me. I have my Thanksgiving menu already set out. Now, that’s not guaranteeing everything I hope to make or get done does happen but I give myself leeway. […]

Five Links 11/16/19 Traci Kenworth

Five Links 11/16/19 Traci Kenworth Writing: 1. https://killzoneblog.com/2019/11/give-your-character-a-dream.html “This past week on Monday Night Football between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants, play was interrupted for a short time when a black cat somehow wandered onto the field. No one knows where it came from or (as of this writing) where it is […]

Writerly Things 11/11/19: More Fun with the Future Traci Kenworth

Writerly Things 11/11/19: More Fun with the Future Traci Kenworth Here’s some more predictions. The cats will rule the world. Well, Bastet rose in power till 1500 BC, so it stands to reason she’d like another try. Why not with how enamored we are with cat videos, pics, etc. I’m sure that’s what’s behind the […]

Five Links 11/9/19 Traci Kenworth

Five Links 11/9/19 Traci Kenworth Writing: 1. https://killzoneblog.com/2019/11/stretch-your-style.html “Not every writer is interested in style. If they can write lean, mean plots that move, with interesting characters and a satisfying ending, that’s enough. They’d rather write fast and turn out more work than spend extra time trying to find the “right” words. Isaac Asimov was such a […]

Book Talk 11/8/19: Susan Dennard’s Windwitch: A Witchlands Novel Traci Kenworth

Book Talk 11/8/19: Susan Dennard’s Windwitch Traci Kenworth Windwitch by Susan Dennard. 2016. A Tom Doherty’s Associates Book. Tor Teen. Amazon’s blurb: Susan Dennard returns with a follow up to New York Times bestselling novel Truthwitch. After an explosion destroys his ship, the world believes Prince Merik, Windwitch, is dead. Scarred yet alive, Merik is determined to prove […]

Writerly Things 11/4/19: Countdown to New Year, What Have You Accomplished?

Writerly Things 11/7/19:  Countdown to New Year, What Have You Accomplished? Traci Kenworth I’m doing a review of what I’ve accomplished this year.  How about you? Books Read. I’ve read approximately forty books so far this year.  My goal was fifty so I’m hoping to meet or pass that. Next year, I want to read […]