again and again — Written in Blue Mercury

Originally posted on yazım'yazgısı (typography): friends and memories gathered like a pocketful of sea shells as one walks the beach reminders placed on a windowsill that bring us back to the beach again and again again and again — Written in Blue Mercury üzerinden

Splendor in Sepia

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Jessie Tarbox BealsAmerica’s first female photojournalistc. 1904 Making sense of black and white when we fall into the greyUnderstanding where lines lie in this dramatic play Looking through the camera lens with crystal clarityCreating a somber mood with a stark disparity Trying to capture what is real not how they…

Fun on Matacucu

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I closed my iPad and looked across the desk at Lisa in her pirate garb. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “I’ve written myself into a bind and need time to think. I managed 1200 words, but it pales in comparison to yesterday.” “You changed the slaves into natives that practice head-binding.…

Five Links 12/7/19 Traci Kenworth

Five Links 12/7/19 Traci Kenworth Writing: 1. “Imagine a hungry young screenwriter getting invited to a pitch session on a studio lot. “What’ve you got for me, kid?” the producer says. “Okay,” the screenwriter says, “we have this guy, see, he’s a king, see, and he’s got to make a speech. Only the guy […]