Dear Wen: Edible…

Another lesson!

France & Vincent

X ilkley weekend 210Dear Wen…

If you are referring to the comments made at Brimham Rocks, then you need to check your sources, the correct quotation I believe is, ‘You are becoming a ‘Fluff-Bunny’ which I stand by whole-heartedly, still, ‘Fluff-Bunny‘ is infinitely preferable to bleeding all over sacred texts… albeit reassuring to know that the particular tome in question goes with you everywhere as indeed should be the case for an industrious Little Grub like your good self. Or is this some new fangled kind of ritual you are intent on inflicting upon our unsuspecting Companions…

Only time will tell which statement, having had the vagaries of time itself borne in upon us throughout our last unwholesome adventure, does not fill me with too much hope or optimism…

X ilkley weekend 202At least we are now well out of it with poor Ben left languishing in Bakewell… there are always the tarts of course if…

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