Book Talk 3/27/2020: Additions to YA Traci Kenworth

Image by Dennis Larsen from Pixabay

Book Talk 3/27/2020: Additions to What I’m Reading in YA

Traci Kenworth

Hood by Jenny Elder Moke. I know, a short, short list of additions. I’ve got so many in the rotation right now, trying to keep up.

How are things for you at home? Safe, I hope. We are hanging in there. Watching the birds more. Enjoying nature. I hope to get a grill soon to celebrate the warmer weather. I haven’t had one in some years, An indoor one but it doesn’t cook them as good as the outdoor ones. I prefer charcoal to gas as I’m not sure how to operate them. They have faster charcoal briquettes now.

Not watching much TV right now. Working on blogs and trying to find time for writing and editing when I can. It’s tough going. Searches for items we need can take up some time when out and about. I still have to get my daughter to work as she’s in retail. Groceries are starting to come back slowly. They are limiting purchases of some items which I can’t blame them since everyone went berserk for toilet paper etc.

The pets are doing well. Watching birds. One just ran into the house. Not the window mind you, but the actual side of the house. Everything looks calm & peaceful outside but appearances can be deceiving. However, I’m going to choose to think the best of us today. Be kind to one another, take care, and God bless!

In the meantime, could you use some cleaning supplies: one, two, three, and four.

Some pet supplies? One, two, three.

Baby supplies? One, two.

Young kids? One. Slightly older? One. College? One.

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