Rosie’s #Bookreview Of #Ya NO ENTRY by Gila Green Set in South Africa

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Rosie Amber

No EntryNo Entry by Gila Green

3 stars

No Entry is a young adult story dealing with elephant poaching in South Africa.

The setting appealed to me and the first few pages intrigued me enough to want to read on. The story is fast-paced, but sometimes the speed of movement between the scenes had me questioning how characters knew particular details while the reader was left behind.

I enjoyed the descriptions and animals at Kruger National Park, while the elephant poaching was an horrific element. I also found the story informative about the harsher side of living in this part of the world. However, the author relied heavily on ‘telling’ rather than ‘showing’ the reader the details, with information dumps, rather than blending fact with fiction with subtle narrative and realistic dialogue.  I like books that have something to say, and educate me, but the ‘purpose’ of the book should never…

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