A Round Art…

Since numbers seem to make a king stronger, I’d bet on the 24. Never knew this was something debated about. Perhaps 12 was more romantic.

France & Vincent


For Friedrich Nietzsche, then, the Personality

has at least three ‘eyes’.


It is tempting to recognise in this

our ‘temporary man’

trapped within ‘his’ past, present, and future.


To wit, the obeying ‘eye’ of the past,

the autonomous ‘eye’ of the present,

and the commanding ‘eye’ of the future.


Modern Psychology goes further,

and posits nine seperate ‘eyes’ for the personality

which all need integrating before one can claim to be whole.


It is possible that Ancient Man

recognised more ‘eyes’ in the personality…


Why else would Merlin gift Arthur a Round Table?


Modern scholarship still cannot decide

whether this means there were twelve or twenty-four Knights,

and whether or not Arthur should be included in these.


Whatever, the principle holds,

only when the fragmented personality speaks

and acts as one, can anything be done.

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