Writerly Things 11/11/19: More Fun with the Future Traci Kenworth


Writerly Things 11/11/19: More Fun with the Future

Traci Kenworth

Here’s some more predictions.

  1. The cats will rule the world. Well, Bastet rose in power till 1500 BC, so it stands to reason she’d like another try. Why not with how enamored we are with cat videos, pics, etc. I’m sure that’s what’s behind the haughty behavior of felines lately, lol.
  2. The dogs will likewise take over the underworld. In a shift of power, Anubis will claim the throne from Hades. He’ll command the hellhounds as well as your faithful companion. Could it be a war between pets and the hellhounds from the underside?
  3. Birds will drive us all out of homes and into the hills and caves. There we’ll have to wrestle with bears, mountain lions, and snakes to find a new spot of our own. Those pesky birds will stay about, making sure we all stay put. A nod to Alfred Hitchcock, maybe?
  4. Cars will stop working. Everywhere, vehicles will refuse to start. Even changing the starter won’t work. Mechanics will throw up their hands in frustration that they can’t solve the problems. Horses will become the more common choice again.
  5. Likewise, tech will fail society. Phones will die. Satellites will be unable to communicate with one another. People will turn to each other and God. More base religions will spring up everywhere.
  6. Relax. It was all just a dream. Lol. Now, get out there, and have fun. Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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