Resurrection of Monster Maker Fun 2019: Creatures Donated by Elyan White & Chelsea Owens #October #Monsters

Interesting series of blogs.

Legends of Windemere

Stein’s Lab in Soul Eater

Let’s see what’s been cooked up this time!

The first three monsters were donated by Elyan White:


Thriving on the Tagycal River, these predators primarily eat the small monkeys and many of the wading birds species that live in the region.  They are reptilian with golden scales on their backs that mimic the sunlight on the water.  When there is no light, they roll onto their backs, which are black to watch the murky river.  In this position, they can twist their heads most of the way around, but not for more than ten minutes.  Because of this, they only assume this hunting position when they hear prey nearby.  Using their powerful tail to propel themselves, the Gardeghivals strike with their toothless mouths that are wider than their bodies.  Since they have small throats, they need to crush their prey between their sturdy palates…

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