Resurrection of Monster Maker Fun 2019: Creatures Donated by The Storyreading Ape and C.S. Boyack #October #monsters

Some fun!

Legends of Windemere

Stein’s Lab in Soul Eater

I know we forgot last year, but the Monster Maker is back for 2019.  Every Friday in October, we’ll see what creatures have been forged with the help of those volunteers who gave me the names.  Enjoy the fun.

The following three creatures have been donated by Chris the Story Reading Ape:


These creatures are found in the confectionery forests outside of the village of Cantawolster.  The locals harvest the naturally growing treats for food and selling in the stores, so they are in competition with the Bantersnipes, which only eat things that are high in sugar.  They are large heads with wide eyes and a sack-like body that is really nothing more than a stomach.  With no limbs, they move around using seven prehensile hairs that allow them to swing through the branches.  On the ground, they are helpless against predators, which…

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