Windemere Monsters: Oakind #fantasy #adventure

Legends of Windemere


Here we are with the first of the Windemere monsters.  I think we’ll all recognize these creatures, which I call Oakind.  They are also Ents or Treants, which are the sentient trees found throughout fantasy.  Walking and talking as they travel the wilderness or stay in one place for a long nap.  Now, what did I do different with the Oakind?

Not much on the surface.  I couldn’t change a lot since they were supposed to be giant trees that could move if they felt like it.  If they are standing still or sleeping then they resemble a forest.  Oakind are always in groups, so you rarely run into a solitary one unless they escaped a massacre.  Unlike Treebeard of LOTR (Beat you to it, people!), these monsters aren’t wise protectors of nature.  They can be fairly territorial and simple-minded.  For example, the ones that Sari and Kira Grason…

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