Romance and Heartbreak

Charles makes good points about having your characters fall for each other or the dreaded break-up.

Legends of Windemere

Hate to say it, but that quote is pretty spot on.  The human heart is a very fragile thing when it comes to love.  If one person in a relationship changes without the other and no attempts are made to bridge the gap then pain is the only result.  Our emotional state is tied to our physical and mental states, so heartbreak can have a domino effect that some people never get out of.  Depression, gaining weight, anxiety, phantom pains, lethargy, and the list of ailments that can be traced by to heartbreak is pretty long.  Geez, I’m started to get some phantom chest pains just writing this one.  We’re going to see how far I get because this is a subject that hits pretty close to broken home.

As authors, I think many of us enjoy the concept of romance.  There’s a complaint that it’s found too often in…

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