Writerly Things 8/26/19: Finding Your Peace Traci Kenworth


Writerly Things 8/26/19: Finding Your Peace

Traci Kenworth

Are You Anxious?

Anxiety can keep us from enjoying life, from getting things done, from even getting out of bed. I know it’s rough. I have anxiety myself. The biggest thing is pushing through the hard times. I’m afraid to drive in the winter. But people are counting on me to get them places. So, I have to face my fear and go on. Some people take meds, some do therapy, others use whatever their choice of coping. I get nervous in crowds because of my paranoia from the past. When you’ve stalked and made to feel everything that happened is YOUR fault, it’s rough. I’ve literally had ex-in-law family members tell me they forgive me. For what? Living with someone who wanted me dead? Someone who suggested I slit my wrists to prove my love for him? Ergh, it still rankles me to think of everything but you move on.


Part of dealing with my past, is learning to forgive someone who tore mine and my children’s lives apart. Even though he doesn’t deserve it, the poison, and unforgiveness IS a poison, almost destroyed me. Thank God, I wrote. It helped to heal me, gave me something to go on with in times of need. Some days, I still feel that anger but it’s getting less now. I’m happy. My children are happy. He’s out of our lives. There’s nothing like being a victim and then finding you can stand on your own. You don’t need to beg, to subject yourself to the pain. And letting go is such a huge gift. It feels like a weight lifted off you.


Get out there and share a smile, a handshake. You will give joy to others and receive double for your efforts. Helping others, helps us. When we reach out to another, we may not know what they’re going through, what has happened in their lives. They may be close to suicide. Your hello could lift their spirits and make them decide otherwise. How much better this world would be if everyone just helped one person. Your helping them might lead to them helping someone else. A domino effect down the line. We could better their lives and our own.


Your family needs you to be there for them. Even if your children are grown, they still need their parents. Now, I’m not saying to interfere in their lives. Listen. Give advice. And don’t say I told you so when they fall on their faces. Pick them up. Tell them you love them. Say you’ve made mistakes to. Everyone has. We’re human. Bring the joy indoors to them. Bake them a cake. Buy them some chocolate. Little things let them know you care. I think the invention of care packages for college students was an amazing idea. I know the military appreciates these as well. What if we gave each other those care packages? What would be in yours?


Finding things to do besides writing helps us to bring back energy and focus to our work. Photography. Art. Music. Dancing. Genealogy. Horse-back riding. Knitting. Hiking. Crafts. Pick what you like and enjoy it. It’s all part of who we are, all part of finding the peace in ourselves.


Writing saved me from the dark times in my life. It brought me back from such low points, you can’t imagine. Then again, maybe you do. Maybe you’ve walked a path similar to mine or worse. None of us knows what the other goes through. We put on a smile and go on with life. Writing brings relief to me. A completion. It relaxes me as I put the words down. It’s part of who I am. Without it, I wouldn’t be here. God gave me the gift that would save my life.

I don’t understand writers who say writing pains them. Why do they continue to torture themselves if so? I find joy in words. I find purpose and passion. A drive to make the world and myself better. That’s why I want to get published. I want to share my stories with others to encourage them, to lift them up, to inspire them to higher heights.

Where do you find your peace? What activities? Are there anymore you would list? Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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