It’s a Question of Dollars and Cents

Jessica Bakkers

So, how much should editing cost?

Yes, it’s a loaded question. But I’ve been doing a lot of research and I’ve (surprise surprise) found a lot of varying answers.

Let me make it easy for you… I have a 100 – 110K word novel (approx 300 pages) that’s been through a very comprehensive beta-read (by two accomplished authors), and at least half a dozen edits by me (and I’m pretty fastidious). So, what I’m after is a copy-edit just to make sure those sentences are tight, and my grammar and punctuation is correct.

Now, I’ve seen editors offering their services (for the above-mentioned need) at anything from $850 to $3,000. Don’t get me wrong, I’m willing to pay for quality, but I also don’t want to be taken for a ride.

What’s your opinion? How much do you think this type of editing service should cost? Do you think an editor’s…

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