Writerly Things 8/5/19: 88 Cups of Tea Traci Kenworth


Writerly Things: 8/5/19: 88 Cups of Tea

Traci Kenworth

This month is the three-year anniversary of 88 Cups of Tea. It is a podcast about YA writers. They discuss everything from money to craft to beyond. It is a Patreon-based service, but you can join for as little as $3.88 a month. It is SO valuable in what it offers: insight into what best-selling authors know and share with the audience. I just am so impressed with what Yin Chang has brought to her subscribers.

There have been guests like Susan Dennard, author of the Witchlands series who has discussed her process among other things. Victoria Schwab has been on as has Kat Cho, Sarah J. Maas. Brenda Drake, Angie Thomas, Alexandria Bracken, Stephanie Garber, and more. Mindy McGinness who discussed money and contracts. There have been agents as well as screenwriters.

I’ve learned I’m not the only author who faces Imposter Syndrome, gets hit by a block and has to work around it, worries about money and contracts, and is evolving her writing process. I’ve listened to heartbreaking stories from authors such as Laurie Halse Anderson, Author of Speak, who has been approached by teens at her signings with their own stories of abuse. I’ve heard about bullying and stalking by diverse authors. I’ve cheered at overcoming different handicaps to succeed at writing.

Each podcast brings something different to the mix and I’m surprised and delighted to belong to the group. They also have a FB group. They have special podcasts and other benefits the higher you go up the tier. Yin is a pleasant and lovely host and brings such enthusiasm to her podcasts it’s exciting for the audience. I look forward to many more years with 88 Cups of Tea and hope you give them a listen as well. That’s 88CupsofTea.com.


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