The Teeter Totter of Life

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I have been trying really hard to develop a life balance.  Many have pointed out that my world has been turned upside down in every aspect.  There are only so many hours in the day too, so priorities have to be rearranged on an almost weekly basis.  It’s been really difficult this summer since the job is 9-5.  That doesn’t give me any time in the morning or evening once I get the important stuff done.  Not to mention I’m dead on my feet by the time I get home and put my son to bed.  So, what are the areas that I’m trying to balance here?

  • Parenthood
  • Work
  • Errands and Chores
  • Writing
  • Exercise
  • Me Time

Now, I tried to put this in the order that I prioritized them.  I always put my son first and the job needs a lot of attention since it’s how I…

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