Thursday – A Little Personal – New Stuff

Fiction Favorites

Twiggy and Lucy

“Let go, Lucy.”

“You let go, Little Potato. Wait, what is that noise?”

Twiggy and Lucy

“Look, Lucy. Some green stuff.”

“It sure is Little one.”

“OMG, Twiggy. There is a guy with a load of green stuff.”

“Where, Lucy? I don’t see him.”

“You have to look out the door again.”

“Wow. Should I bark him back to St. Louis?”

“Go to the bedroom door and see if he’s still there.”

“Yes, he’s still there.”

“Hold off on the bark. I have a feeling this is a good thing.”

“Hold on, Twiggy. Here’s the Boss. Hey, Boss what’s going on?”

“They are laying the new sod, Lucy.”

“Can we go out and see it?”

“Gotta have leashes. Lots of water flowing.”

“This sure has changed. Where are the mud and burrs?”

“I don’t know, Little one but I like it.”

“Look over there, Lucy. green stuff.”

“The Boss said it was sod. Let’s go…

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