#Poetry – The silver lining

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It is well known that there is a lot of poverty in Southern Africa, but despite their woes, African people are often friendly and happy people. They know how to make the most of the small things in life. This poem is a celebration of the spirit of Africa.

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The silver lining

by Robbie Cheadle

Clad in dirty shoes and shorts
his face streaked with dirt,
he swoops past like a bird in flight
thrilled with disaster to flirt.

Like nothing you’ve ever seen before
the skateboard on which he rides,
a platform piled high with recyclables
no one his wild recklessness chides.

A pair of dark eyes, wild and bright
glow beneath his unkempt crop,
he takes a sharp corner rather wide
there is no-one to make him stop.

We find our pleasures in different ways
its human nature to laugh and enjoy,
he’s found a way to make…

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