The corporate hunt – A poem

Robbie's inspiration

Black schuck

Photo from Google

An external threat

is hard to deal with

the hunter relentlessly

pursuing without discretion

its defenseless prey

ultimately ravaging

its unwary target and

tearing out its throat

without remorse.

It then moves on

without a backward glance

not even bothering

to feed from its kill

although if it suits

well-aimed blows

may continue to rain down


on the prostrate body.

It helps to believe

that the inner circle

will rally around

to defend its own.

It’s much more horrifying

when those you trust

turn on their own

ruthlessly savaging

those who have displayed

loyalty and trust.

Ripping out their jugular

and leaving their friends

to bleed to death

in an uncaring world.

by Robbie Cheadle



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