Road To A [Horror] Comic: Week 8-9

Author Steve Boseley - Half a Loaf of Fiction

I don’t feel I’ve been as productive this week as I could have been. A number of things have cropped up in my personal life which have meant writing and drawing have taken a back seat this week, but never fear! I have made some progress in my drawing, and I’m achingly close to starting on the actual comic itself, realising that I will continue to improve as I progress.

What is the point in not trying something? I’ve heard the argument ‘what if I fail?‘ Well, nothing. I’ve also hard the phrase ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained.‘ If we are afraid to strive for something beyond our current abilities, we are destined to stagnate, I feel. The worst that could happen with this series of blog posts, is that no one reads them, or worse, someone reads them and ridicules my efforts. That’s Fine. I’m perfectly…

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