Rosie’s #Bookreview of mild #horror The Shadow Beyond by Daniel Reiner

Rosie Amber

The Shadow Beyond (Shadow Saga)The Shadow Beyond by Daniel Reiner

3.5 stars

The Shadow Beyond is a mild horror set in Massachusetts in the early 1900s. It is the story of Robert Adderly.

While studying mathematics at university, Robert’s professor asked him to help with some complex calculations. They were required by archaeologists, and involved links between the stars and recent discoveries in Egypt.

Robert also fell in love, but on the night of his marriage proposal his fiancée Elizabeth died. She was consumed by unworldly flames; the only remains of her entire body were a pile of ashes.

Horrified by Elizabeth’s death, Robert’s inquisitive mind wants answers. A trail leads him to a curious bookshop and its owner, Andrew. Robert shared a boarding house with Andrew’s grandfather, the same house where Elizabeth died. Andrew’s next revelations make Robert question his religious upbringing as he is introduced to ancient texts and the world of…

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