Writerly Things 3/4/19: What Questions Do You Ask? Traci Kenworth


Writerly Things 3/4/19: What Questions Do You Ask?

Traci Kenworth

I’ve been blogging since 2009. In that time, I’ve tried to improve both my blogs and my craft. I had a fairly decent following on her through the years. Early last fall till Jan., my numbers increased drastically with the reblogging. Now, they’re sagging. I barely pull in three hundred viewers a month now. It’s frustrating. Part of it, I know has to do with my recovery from the first of two surgeries. Another, is that I split my adult stuff to my Loleta Abi site and kept my YA firmly here. YA authors don’t seem to have much of a presence on the web. Our audience is usually found out in bookstores, the mall, or author signings. They don’t tend to visit sites but for the few.

I knew that might be a barrier to reaching YA people. I’ve tried guesting on other YA sites over the years and it did draw in some traffic but lately, it seems more and more authors are discontinuing blogging. I don’t want to do that. I’m not convinced it doesn’t benefit me to have a blog for accountability if nothing else. It keeps me writing, keeps me moving forward. I report my progress and my rejections here. Yes, recently, two short stories got the no thumbs barely two days after I submitted.

Am I doing something wrong as an author? I realize I don’t know as much as I’d like to about things. I’ve always thought it was the story that matters. But if you look at traditional publishing for instance: it’s the brand name authors that get the stage. Not debuts. Not even mid-list authors. Being known is where it’s at nowadays. The trouble is: those well-known authors won’t always be around. And who will take their place? It doesn’t seem as if newer writers are being pushed into the spotlight to do so. Will the Big Five wake up too late? Or will more and more writers who they could push for success fall by the wayside?

I’m just wondering if anyone else sees this? Is it just me? Am I just not a good enough writer? Why do some succeed where others fail? They say it’s all about persistence. I’ve been persistent for a long time. I see myself no closer to my goals than I did back in the beginning. I have manuscripts ready for editing, one ready for querying, and I hope to begin something new this year, but I just don’t know. Surgery and recovery are taking longer than I’d like. Also, with two blogs, I’m trying not to spread myself too thin. I’ve read on Anne Allen’s blog that you only need to blog once a week. That doesn’t seem to work for me. I don’t draw enough viewers in for that. If I don’t have something every day, it seems, the numbers fall through.

I’ll work this out. Sometimes, it just seems like I’m walking uphill, never reaching the top. Any suggestions? Have a great week, take care, and God bless!    

6 thoughts on “Writerly Things 3/4/19: What Questions Do You Ask? Traci Kenworth

  1. I think it depends what your end goal is. I get bugger all traffic on my site, which I put down to not having a book(s) to draw people in. When I DO have book(s) I won’t be relying on the site alone to sell – I’ll be promoting on other blogs (blog tours), email lists, other social media and maybe a few FB or Google ads. I assume when I hit this, and when I actually have something to draw people to my site, then my numbers will go up. Till then, I’m just going to keep doing my thing and not worry about it.

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    1. I got traffic when I reblogged a LOT but I just can’t keep up with that. Like you said, I’m trying to do my own thing. It’s just discouraging to go from 2k sometimes 3k to in the hundreds. I figure when I get my books out that maybe it’ll increase. And yeah, they’ll be blog tours then but I haven’t been able to gather an email list. I’m hearing people are tired of them. I’m trying to guest blog where I can right now to build up for future purposes when I have a book though it’s hard to do when you’re not published. I just hope for the best.

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