Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Counting down and a story…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Every morning, I look out of the window to see if it has snowed yet. While she heaves a sigh of relief (that I don’t really believe ’cause she’s like a puppy when it snows) I sigh with disappointment. It’s winter! I want loads of snow to play in!

But, she says, everything comes when it is s’pposed to and not before. Like Christmas. Even though we are having a sort of Christmas already. Without snow.

At least she hasn’t got the antlers out again this year… but I have no idea what else she might have in mind.

She did see a costume to dress me up like a turkey, but I made my feelings very clear on that. I don’t mind sticking my nose in a turkey, but not the plush variety… Ah well, all we can do now is wait… and see what Santa brings… I hope…

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