14 Reasons to Just Submit It Anyway

Novelty Revisions

1. If you think you’re ready to submit, it means you’ve (hopefully) come a long way from your very first draft.

2. You can reward yourself for taking a big step by eating cake. CAKE!

3. While you’re anxiously waiting for a response, you can also ease your anxieties … with more cake!

4. The only way to truly fail is to never bother trying.

5. You wrote a thing! It must be important to you!

6. A rejection is not the end of the world.

7. Every time someone says “no,” you have the chance to learn something.

8. Haters gonna hate. Don’t be one of them!

9. Submitting is a major milestone, even if it doesn’t feel like one.

10. You’ll always wonder “what if” if you don’t.

11. Just because you’re worried it isn’t good does not mean it’s bad.

12. You have a story to tell…

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