Carrot Ranch Rodeo Contest #2: Memoir – The Winning Entries and My Flash #Rollercoasters

M J Mallon YA Author and Poet


Well done to all the winners and to all the participants for joining in.

Here is the link to the winning entries:

Here’s my entry which was inspired by a true life event – overcoming my fear of rollercoasters and taking my one and only ride with my two young daughters. I’ve never been on a rollercoaster since (and have no intention of so doing,) but the memory has stayed firmly in my mind as a massive accomplishment.

A true triumph over fear!



It’s a gut-wrenching fear of mine: Roller-coasters, a grim holding on, tempting death. Sometimes you have to face your fears and deal with them. I’m proud of the ride in Portugal. I was with my family, my two daughters and my husband. I had to be brave, and I was. I’ve got the photo to prove it but never ask me to do it again!…

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