Using the Gutenberg Editor

I used it for a post I scheduled for Fri. I think it’ll turn out okay. I didn’t think the new Editor was too bad. Just different, lol.

The Faery Whisperer


“Gutenberg” is the name of the new editor experience onWordPress. Their goal was to create a new post and page editing experience that makes it easy for anyone to create rich post layouts.

First let me say, that I have been using the new editor for a few days. It’s different, but I’m not struggling with using it. The layout is simple, and you can figure everything out by clicking the + to the left of each paragraph when you begin typing. 

I’ve found the scheduling feature to be glitchy, and have had to click on each part of the date and time in order to get the scheduler to accept my request. But, I haven’t died yet!

I do want to share some things that I’ve found to be invaluable in maneuvering the changes. This is the canonical list of…

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8 thoughts on “Using the Gutenberg Editor

    1. It’s a learning curve. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to use it but it seems easy enough. The only problem I noticed was that it won’t let you visit your site to see if the post looks good. Also, it put the html code for the pic I used instead of the pic itself. I hope the pic showed on the website. It did on the preview, so I’m assuming it will. Tech is something I have a hard time with anymore. I used to be able to figure things out better but thankfully, this editor seems okay.

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