The Internal Struggle of a Hero

Legends of Windemere

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Heroes don’t only face external forces, which is something we all know.  Yet, many authors stick to the easier issues like arrogance, stubbornness, doubt, and anger.  These are emotional obstacles that we all face, but they don’t always fall into the category of mental illness.  So, why is it important for there to be heroes who struggle with such problems?

The truth is that many people look to fictional characters as role-models and try to live through them.  We go on quests, choose romantic partners, and run from zombies as we get absorbed by stories.  This makes it a powerful medium for demonstrating how people with mental health issues can be heroes.  Yes, it is easier and possibly ‘safer’ to use the perfect hero that has very few flaws.  The downside here is that the audience might not connect with these characters too easily or, at least…

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