Episode 11 of the Adventurers: The Fox-Rabbit and the Cat – Guest Post by Jemima Pett…

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In which Talbot faces down his foe, and Magpie goes Thieving
On the ridge of the steep, tiled roof, Talbot stared into the eyes of Carver’s captor.
“I beg your pardon?” The oily tones of the Red Mage Cat had been replaced by astonishment. Nobody ever refused his wiles.
“No, you may not escort us to wherever you’re holding Carver. You’ll probably capture us too. We’re not going to stand for any more of your tricks. You are coming with us, and you’ll release Carver to us!”
Behind him, Alice nodded furiously, amazed at Talbot’s bravery.
The Cat narrowed his eyes. “Well,” he said slowly, “I suppose if that’s the way it must be… follow me.”
He turned…

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