Making Scenes Pop – Guest Post by Traci Kenworth…

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It is a character in motion toward a goal that captivates readers but how do you make your scenes pop?

Bring the Ordinary into Your Scenes

I’ve been studying craft for forever, it seems. I want to write bestsellers like anyone else out there but more than that, I want to write quality books. A lot of advice points to bringing the ordinary into your scenes. You could have your character making supper, beds, etc. while they talk, while they plot their next move, or so on. For example:

Fred peeled the covers back on the bed and stared in dismay at the loose feathers drifting from the hole in her pillows. She wished that she had money to buy new bedding. These days she had to be thankful she didn’t have a rock for a pillow. If only she had a magic bean. She’d risk that giant. Mandy deserved…

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