The Best Insurance Policy

Where Words Daily Come

Many invest their money in policies,
That will pay when one day they die
Some think by working hard each day
It will bring peace into their lives

Others place their trust in riches,
Worldly things which will only fade
But I have the greatest insurance policy,
For the LORD CHRIST, is with me today

And even though my body dies daily,
There is one thing which I can be sure
That when I leave this shell of flesh,
I will be with my LORD forever more

For He has given me His promise,
So that within I may rest assured
That imagination cannot comprehend,
What for me He does have in store

And though this world is troubling,
With many obstacles in our way
I know within the embrace of JESUS,
That my heart and soul will stay

For my faith will never allow me,
To depart the policy…

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