Day 5 … Apparently

Cage Dunn: Writer, Author, Teller-of-tall-tales

And they give you this. I also got one before, but as I was head down, bum up, the thing I said I’d do with it went out the window – defenestrated for the sake of continuation of the project …

And what day is this? Oh, yes, SIX, so back I go, it’s not over yet, and – Oh, you’d like a snippet?

Here’s a short scene (not telling you which one but Cella is his daughter and Hella is the new woman in town):

The insistent buzz rattled Cam’s teeth until he shoved the pillow off his head and opened his eyes. Buzz? Phone. Right, phone.
He let it go. Nothing much happened in this town, and if this was Sunday, it would be … It wasn’t Sunday. It was Saturday. It wouldn’t be the usual nuisance call about the singing from the church.
He grabbed the phone…

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