Rosie’s #Bookreview of #Ya #Fantasy The Dim Continent by Jo Sparkes @Sparkes777

Rosie Amber

The Dim Continent (The Legend of the Gamesmen #3)The Dim Continent by Jo Sparkes

4 stars

The Dim Continent is book three of The Legend Of Gamesmen young adult fantasy series.

A kidnapped prince, an imposter posing as king, a school for potion makers and an exciting team game called Comet, have all brought the story to this point. But someone is causing mistrust among the people. Fearing what they will try next, Prince Tryst sets out on a quest to the relatively unknown Dim Continent to discover who is behind the treachery. Going in disguise with a group of Comet Gamesmen he hopes to infiltrate the mysterious Terrin nation.

Marra is an apprentice at the Agben school of potion-makers. Another student has been involved with killing respected Agben women, and Marra is asked to travel to the Dim Continent with elder woman Kirth, in search of answers.

Both groups must journey to the Black Tower, a place…

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