Chapter 3 – Tribulations of Tayvan Tours

Cage Dunn: Writer, Author, Teller-of-tall-tales

Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Chapter 3

The lumpy bits of grey cloud felt solid when the Cessna slapped into them. Liljiana didn’t dare unbuckle her belt. No reason, anyway. No sign of a meal prep area; no door with a toilet sign — no room for one! — and it was only a couple of hours. She could wait.

A roaring lift preceded a rapid dip that flipped her stomach to the back of her head. Both hands gripped the shuddering arm-rests so tightly, she thought she’d rip them off. Her jaw ached. The kid glanced over at her, whispered at his dad, and unbuckled his belt.

“Put that back on!” Liljiana yelped. “We’re bouncing up and down like a … like a—”vintage-3701360_640

“Like a plane in the tail of a cyclone?” Andy laughed at the end. “That’s what it is, you know. The last bit of the cyclone…

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