Hopelessly Bipolar

My Bipolar Mind

Hopelessly Bipolar

My Manic Madness only lasted about three days, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any less painful. At first, I loved the manic episode I was in. I had the typical euphoric feelings commonly associated with bipolar mania. However, after the first day, it started to turn into pure agitation. I even contacted the Mental Health Clinic I go to during this episode, but they wouldn’t see me any earlier than the scheduled appointment I had on Thursday. 

My appointment yesterday was pointless and left me feeling more agitated than I was during my episode just a few days prior. I reached out for help, which is hard enough, just to be left feeling rejected. I have to see the PA (Physician’s Assistant) in between the appointments with my regular psychiatrist, and that is who I had the appointment with yesterday. I have butted heads with this woman…

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