Thursday – A Little Personnel – Rainy Morning

Fiction Favorites

Lucy, Bailey, Twiggy

“Hey, Twiggy I got your donut and rope thingy out. You want to play?”

“I was hoping we could go outside and ruckus.”

“It is cold and rainy out there.”

“Yeah, I see it out the window. It looks like it might last all day.”

“That’s why I wondered if you wanted to play inside.”

“I suppose if it is the only way to have fun. I don’t like the rain.”

“Hey, Dad. Any suggestions?”

“Sure go get Bailey and have a game of keep away.”

“Leave me out of this Pops. Those two play too rough.”

“Bailey you are such a spoiled sport.”

“Who says so?”

“I do. You never want to play with us.”

“Boss give Bailey a direct order to play with us.”

“Aw, Lucy. You know I can’t do that. Bailey is her own person.”

“Come on Bailey. Play with us.”

“Psst. Lucy. It’s raining, right? It’s cold…

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