#SOCS – Precious

I’m an Aquarius.

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When I was a young girl, we were asked to do a school project on birthstones. I am a Pisces star sign and a bit of research revealed that my birthstone was an amethyst. I was very disappointed. Other star signs had, what seemed to me then, much better birthstones than mine. One friend had the pearl and another, the diamond. An amethyst was only a semi-precious stone with little monetary value. I was sad that I was a Pisces.

As I grew older I came to recognise the value of some of my Piscean traits. People born in late February and early March are dreamers. We see the world through rose coloured spectacles, rarely seeing the bad in anything. This quality has served me well over the years during periods when I had to deal with chronically ill children, a mother enduring chemotherapy and other breast cancer treatments…

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