Rosie’s #Bookreview of #Mystery The Golden Orphans by @GaryRaymond_ #Cyprus setting

Rosie Amber

The Golden OrphansThe Golden Orphans by Gary Raymond

4 stars

The Golden Orphans is a mystery set on Cyprus. It opens with the funeral of Francis Benthem. The one mourner is an English artist, former student and friend of the deceased.

Illy Prostakov has a recurring dream that he wants painting. He generously offers to pay off all the artist’s current debts if he’ll stay and paint, but can this Russian be trusted?

The artist makes enquiries, locally, about Prostakov, but no one has anything positive to say. He learns a little about the recent history of Cyprus, including the Turkish invasion in 1974 which split the island. And he hears the story of The Golden Orphans, babies left parentless on the night of the invasion, who grew up as heroic symbols of survival for the people. There’s a tenuous link; Prostakov is searching for a lost treasure linked to his dream…

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