A Pause & a Review — (Cornelis will be back)

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Red neon party bus

Straightlaced Saturday will not be at the steampunk train station today.  This weekend I must not blog, no matter how much I miss visiting with you.  Why?  I have a ton of work to do before the Atonement, TN Party Bus is road worthy!  So I’ve disabled comments today.  

However… Deme and Honeybell were so excited about this lovely review of their Snort Stories from Dyanna at Ravenhawks’ Magazine that I have to share it with you before the launch party for Atonement in Bloom!

Pigs collection cover banner

Dyanna’s review:  Fun and funny. Glowing pigs visit the little town of Atonement, Tennessee bringing their own brand of quirky magic to a town already steeped in magic. This wonderful little book give you a glimpse of the magic that Deme and Honeybell create and a quick peek at some of the residents of Atonement. It is a quick…

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