In Which Whirl Girl Winds Down


Y’all know good and goddamned well that I am not only behind in blogging, but also in reading blogs. Life. Mine is full. Yay. Yay? More like Yea.

Due to staffing issues our office has been just a wee tad bit totally incredibly crazed.

This week kicked my ass.

First, I am grateful I have been spared of sick.

Also, I like this chilly wet weather.

Then, lemme say that I would rather be busy, full-speed ahead for eight hours of a day than to be idle for ten minutes.

This week had so many whirlwinds. I’d sit back down at my desk, and I’d think now what the hell was i even doing before all that happened?
Fortunately, I have been a teacher and a mommy to many in addition to working retail at Christmas and Starbucks in the morning, so I am completely capable of high-functioning adaptation in the…

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