Eager Expectation

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As we sit down each day to share
Creation does take delight
Because from its very beginning
It has eagerly awaited those
Who were predestined to bring
The light of the creator back
Into a world darkened by sin and

For those who have risen through
the death of Christ, why they yet
live in the flesh in this putrid
world, have become empowered in
their inner person by the Holy
Spirit to be the blessed carriers
of the eternal message of His loving
grace, kindness and love.

For those who have put self to death
in Christ, now are reborn to serve
through the blessing of the new life
of our Lord, no longer being slaves
to worldly sin but joint heirs to the
new kingdom yet unseen, that they
patiently await with a fervent and
passionate hope.

So let the words and images of their
new messages…

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