What My Car Accident In France Taught Me

The Lotus & Pen

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This post arrives to you from the Heather of Experience who has a tale to tell about a car accident in the French countryside en route to a clandestine munitions drop site that will appear in the biography she’s writing (on deadline, naturally).


This tale features:

  • Expectations
  • Beautiful humans
  • A universe that’s like John Mulaney’s dad: “One. Black. Coffee.; Same motherfucker.”
  • A writer on the verge of a nervous breakdown, whose mindfulness training kicks in right when it’s most needed


So, Zach (the husband) and I were driving through the narrow, winding, gravelly, dusky roads of Le Chambon, a gorgeous town nestled in the Haute Loire. This is where Virginia Hall, the subject of my biography, helped to organize the French resistance for…

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