Queenology; RC Blackes, Jr.


I was immediately skeptical based solely on the title, Queenology,  as I searched for an educational piece to digest while working (a great marketing strategy, however, because I actually stopped to check it out!). Age and experience have taught the value of approaching people and situations with an open mind to make informed decisions, so I opted in. Marinating in my comfort zone is as old school as bell bottom jeans, although the TOTAL nerd in me would totally rock them with pride today, lol.

Regardless of my initial distraction by the title, I had to agree that many women put life on hold while obsessing over a husband. They must have also missed the breaking news that a successful marriage requires being successful in singleness first. Who knew “successful singleness” was even a thing! It was also an eye-opener to learn her revised expectation is to also develop skills…

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