Book Talk…9/28/18

The Yak Guy Project cover

Book Talk…The Yak Guy Project by C.S. Boyack…9/28/18

Traci Kenworth


The Yak Guy Project by C.S. Boyack Amazon Digital Services. May 11, 2018.


Amazon Blurb: Imagine waking up in the desert with no idea what happened to you. You have clear memories of situations and places, but a complete loss in personal matters… like your own name. This situation is bad, and you have no idea how to get home.

When you’re rescued by a talking yak, the situation gets exponentially worse. You’ve obviously lost your mind. The immediate needs of a ride off the salt pan and searing heat, along with a drink of water, outweigh the concerns about your mental state.

This is exactly what happened to the Yak Guy. In fact, he’s been placed in an alternate world and given a chance to start over in life.

Can this selfish, almost parasitic, young man learn to start over in a world where charity is hard to find? Life is brutal and short here, but he’s going to have to adapt or perish.

The Yak Guy project is loosely based around The Fool’s Journey from the Tarot. Those with experience in Tarot will spot people and situations from the Major Arcana.


My review: A guy wakes up in the desert with no memory of who he is and only a bullet for company. It seems he spent his life sponging off others and someone decided to end him. He finds himself able to speak with a yak who tells him he’s been given a second chance and not to waste it. At first, he whines, wanting to go back to the easy life, sure somebody misses him. The yak patiently teaches him if he wants to survive he must learn to take care of necessities. He learns to gather water, food, and firewood. Days pass without a single sign of human life. They travel to the mountains where they meet another teacher, a prototype human who shows Ted as he decides to call himself what plants to gather to survive. He also teaches him about tools and mentions there are two types of people in the lands thereabouts.

When he leaves the prototype, having learned all he can from him, he must decide which of the two tribes of humans to take refuge with and begin life. He goes to the nearest place which is a village bent on survival as they keep getting attacked by the Bharta. There, he meets a woman who is like a princess to all. She goes into business with Ted who goes off to catch turtledoves and sell in the market. The two grow close until her father returns. He tries to kill Ted, but she gives him her deceased husband’s sword and that act means he must train in warfare to become worthy of her. But can a guy who has always taken the easy way out, do so?


I loved it! At first, I wasn’t sure where the author was going with this storyline. I mean, I knew it was about second chances, but I wasn’t sure why this guy? But as you read along, you find out exactly why it is this guy. He does deserve a second chance and the ending made me cry. I’m not familiar with the tarot card line but it seems to have worked for this project. Highly recommend!

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  1. Enjoyed the review, Traci, and look forward to reading The Yak Guy Project. I’ve read a couple of Craig’s zany stories and he has an accomplished way of nicely wrapping up the story and leaving the reader with lasting images and a wry smile.

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