Poverty and How This Writer Handles It – Guest Post by Traci Kenworth…

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Poverty can be detrimental for anyone. I live on a fixed income. I’m a single mother with two kids and my arrearages (past child support I’m owed) have been put on hold while my ex is out on leave from his job. To say we’re barely getting by is an understatement. We’re just coasting, doing the best we can to make end meets but there’s no extra money and very little for food. We tried EBT but as my kids are no longer minor we aren’t eligible for help. I’m lucky to be getting help with my medical to be honest though I have to pay for my prescriptions. With bipolar and a shot that costs $15k a month, the co-pays can rack up. I give you these figures, so you can understand a little bit about where I’m coming from right now. When it comes to writing, I have…

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4 thoughts on “Poverty and How This Writer Handles It – Guest Post by Traci Kenworth…

  1. Unfortunately, it is an all too common story in my experience. Leaving an abusive husband with my children in tow, we struggled. When my youngest had aged out, their father bragged about the fact he never paid a penny toward their needs. Efforts to redress the situation were equal to banging ones head into the brick wall. No one would help us. I went back to school, got my B.A. and Master’s degrees in Psychology and did what I could. Over the years there were many clients with similar stories. All the best to you. You deserve it. Léa

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