Ravynwyng Chronicles Universe Volume 1 — Chapter 4

Anna Dobritt -- Author

Chapter 4

Nicole Johnson stood when the back door opened and Lyta emerged, followed by Ravyn and Jennie. She hugged her friends. “Thanks for arriving early. Lyta bought an expensive bottle of champagne for the four of us to share before the others arrive.” Nicole waved them to a seat.

Jennie and Ravyn brought out the small boxes. “Congratulations on your tenth anniversary,” Ravyn said, Jennie echoed the sentiment.

When they opened the boxes tears fell. “Oh my god! Thank you!” Lyta hugged Jennie as Nicole gave a hug to Ravyn and a kiss on the cheek.

The rings fit perfectly and Lyta gave them a suspicious look. “How did you get our ring sizes?”

“Remember when you lost power during the snowstorm last winter and stayed at our place? We were up late drinking so it was easy to get the strings around your fingers once the two of…

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