Lessons From Shakespeare & Co.

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IMG_4307 Me, in front of the famed bookstore, September 2018

To see the original post, you can head over to the VCFA Wild Things blog and check it out here. This is the official blog of the Writing For Children and Young Adults MFA program (my alma mater), where I’ve begun doing a weekly Mindfulness Monday blog. 

I’m going to take a slight pause in our discussion of how to begin a meditation practice in order to sketch an illustration of how the practice applies in real life, in real time. I promise to pick up practical instruction in the next post, but if you want to get started, you can go here to begin.

Last week, I had the blissful honor to step into Shakespeare and Company, Paris’ beloved English bookstore. Named after the store frequented by the Lost Generation during their days swilling gin and…

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10 thoughts on “Lessons From Shakespeare & Co.

      1. Have you ever read the book by Jeremy Mercer titled Time Was Soft There? In the UK it carried a different title, Books, Baguettes & Bedbugs. It is the story he wrote while living inside the famous bookshop for nine months. Originally from Canada, he now resides here in the south of France. It is a fun read.

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      2. I do hope you let me know if you enjoy it. Jeremy gives a wide view into the life of the shop and its tentants. It has been a few years since I read it, perhaps it is time to do so again as I really enjoyed it. All the best.

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